As a special thank you to my SMS Community, I’d like to share with you a preview to my upcoming mixtape ‘Calm Before The Storm’. These are some of the songs I will be performing on my tour.


‘Calm Before The Storm’ is the story of my life in 11 songs. It’s a musical journey, going deep into my mindset and the life events that have led me to this very moment – the cusp of an inevitable storm that I have always felt coming. This tape is a story of determination, perseverance and hustle. Doing whatever it takes to live your dreams and reach your full potential. The storm is stardom, and I’m ready! Welcome to the Calm Before The Storm! – Jaycee

   1. Rise Up

   2. Dumb, Broke & Young

   3. Don't Give Up

   4. 83

   5. Lose Your Cool

   6. Greatness Freestyle

   7. Leprechaun

   8. My Way

   9. Missing Piece

   10. Freedom

   11. What Will It Take

See me perform these songs live on the ‘Calm Before The Storm’ tour!

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